For loved and lucky dogs.

If you’re looking for unique Shabby Chic designer dog apparel & accessories you’ve arrived! We believe you will find the products here at Shabby Chic Dog Boutique tasteful & delightful. The shabby to chic is just the right amount to complement your dog. You’ll find each piece is one of a kind and most are hand crafted & designed right here at Shabby Chic Dog Boutique. We’re pleased to offer these fine unique products to you and your lucky dog! As you can see in the pictures to the right and below we also sell fashionable poop bag purses which are small, handy purses just the right size for poop bag rolls, and they are also a good size for treat purses.


Shabby Chic Dog Boutique where everything's unique!

Shabby Chic Dog Boutique where everything’s unique!